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June 10, 2018

I was going to do a haul video for you guys of what I got in the weekend sales and a couple of other items I bought this week.  However, I have what I call "Mash Potato Brain" or what Sammy and I have been calling "Brain Damaged Goldfish" brain because of the new tablets I am on.  So instead I put as much as I could in this one post without things looking out of place, so I hope you enjoy!

There are only 2 items not featured in this post that I got and it is the gold version of these earrings and a mermaid face mask thing from Kio, but I want a mermaid tail so I will no doubt show you that accessory when I get it.  Because I am not doing the video of showing you what is from where I will just give you a quick rundown of the sale items:

Fifty Linden Friday:  Boots
The Saturday Sale:  Earrings, Rings, Poses

Some of these items may still be on sale, some not.  Just depends on individual store owners.  Full credits and Slurls at bottom of this post.

Now, this tattoo.  It popped up on my Facebook feed and I squealed.  The pink flowery unicorn tattoo I had been wearing the last few weeks or so was from Dappa and I have become a big fan.  I actually am not a lover of full-body tattoos and I am super fussy with tattoos but these 2 I got over the last few weeks are stunning.  I like them to be girlie and delicate and this one is just perfect for me.  I love it to death and I bought it twice because I bought Sammy one too haha.  It can be found at AnyBody along with the eyes that I am wearing by The Little Bat which kind of look glittery and are so very pretty.

The bikini I have on is for PocketGacha and today is the last day of the current round, so if you want to grab anything today it is your last chance!  The colour I am wearing is a common so it is pretty easy to get a hold of.

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post!

♥ Astara

Clothes & Shoes

Bikini | Doris Bikini by Seniha for PocketGacha
Common Colours, May 15th - June 10th 2018

Boots | Lola Platform Ankle Boots by Livalle

Accessories & Piercings

Earrings | Pineapple Earrings - Sterling by E.Marie

Rings | Lucrezia Bento Rings by Elise

Cosmetics & Tattoos

Tattoo | Azure Tattoo by Dappa @ AnyBody
June 7th - June 30th 2018

Eyeshadow & Lipstick | Included on skin HUD

Lashes | LAQ Lashes by Izzie's

Anatomy & Hair

Hair | Deja by Truth
Past Group Gift - 350L Join Fee

Eyes | Reagan Eyes by The Little BatAnyBody
June 7th - June 30th 2018

Ears | Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala

Head | Neve by LAQ

Body | Lara by Maitreya

Skin | Kiyomi - Ivory by Pink Fuel

Shape | Homemade Shape

Scene & Location

Poses | Made Up Bento Pose Set by Foxcity

Rugs | Crystal Rugs by Candle and Cauldron

Sparkles | Love Twinkles by Dysfuntionality

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