About Me

A Little About Me

These things are always so hard to fill out, huh?  I never know what to say.  I am a veteran of sorts when it comes to SL.  My original rezz date is 2008 so I have been here for a long time on and off.  I created this account after returning to SL on a whim.  I had left after I became very ill in RL and I found SL to be stressful and make me worse.  I came back one day and my sister was online, we got to talking, and that was that.  I made a new account and began a new life!

Blogging soon became a huge part of my life.  I am a creative person who loves to dress up in weird and wonderful costumes and avatars, so when my sister suggested I started a blog, I jumped at the chance to share my style and my finds from across the grid.

My Blogging Style

At my core I would have a cute and gothic kind of style, but I kind of do a bit of everything.  You may notice that my style isn't consistent because it's important to me to do what I feel is good then be forced to do something I am not "feeling".

Note To Sponsors

I am pretty easy going and don't mind your criticism.  I would rather you tell me you didn't like a post, and why you didn't like it, then to let me make the same mistakes again and then let me go from the team.  I am always looking to improve so you telling me what you didn't like about one of my posts really helps me!

If you would like me to blog for you then feel free to follow my Contact Me page for information on how to find me and chat.

Thanks for reading and I hope you like my blog ♥

Alexandrite 'Alex' Lovecraft (AstaraBonnibelle)