Weekend Sales Haul | Fifty Linden Friday, Saturday Sale, Fly Buy Friday

May 13, 2018

Well, I do love a good bargain, and that shows with this video I have for you today.  Sales events in SL are my fav, I like a good deal, and since you guys enjoyed the last time I did a video like this I thought I would do another.  The haul features items from Fifty Linden Friday, The Saturday Sale and Fly Buy Friday.  Both Fifty Linden Friday and The Saturday Sale have an inworld group you join and you get a notecard with the stores.  Fly Buy Friday however you get a HUd which can purchase for free from Marketplace, and once subscribed you get the updated HUD each week.

My outfit was something I put together last night.  I went Zombie Hunting and so put this together.  It features a pair of leggings and a backpack I got from The Saturday Sale.  Everything else, I just kind of through on and it looked cute.  The top is actually the black version of the top Beauty Of Darkness did for Syndicate Sunday last weekend.

Can I talk about this hair and hat for a bit?  I always recommend female avatars join the Truth VIP group because you get monthly gifts which are full fatpacks of hair and exclusive to group members.  This past gift we got has both hat on and off options, and you can pick between buns or pigtails.  The hat has text and logos that you can choose and change the colours of, the hat is colourable and the hair has added wisps you can turn on and off.  It is possibly the more versatile hair we have ever had.

So I hope you enjoyed this!  If you did please feel free to let me know!

♥ Astara

Clothes & Shoes

Top | From Hell Fishnet Top by Beauty Of Darkness

Leggings | Sansa Leggings - Occult Pack by Riot
75L for Saturday Sale May 12th 2018

Boots | Bam Stomper Boots by Sn@tch

Accessories & Piercings

Mask | Chloroform Mask by The Little Bat

Necklace | Protection Set by Zombie Suicide

Backpack | Coffin Backpack by Psycho Barbie
50L for Saturday Sale May 12th 2018 - Out All Weekend

Gloves | Deah Gloves & Rings by RealEvil Industries

Cosmetics & Tattoos

Eyeshadow | Included with skin

Nails | Included on Maitreya HUD

Anatomy & Hair

Hair | Jacica by Truth
April 2018 Group Gift - 350L Join Fee

Eyes | Demon Mesh Eyes by AzDesign

Ears | Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala

Head | Neve by LAQ

Body | Lara by Maitreya

Skin | Kiyomi - Ivory by Pink Fuel

Shape | Homemade Shape

Scene & Location

Location | Whole Wheat
Road To Nowhere

Poses | Doll Bento Pose Set by Zombie Suicide @ Doll House
April 28th - May 23rd 2018

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