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April 30, 2018

It's my blog and I'll have pink hair if I want to!  But in all seriousness for some reason, I just could not get my usual ginger to work with this look at all.  Brown, blonde and black worked quite nice but it looked boring, so when I tried some pastel horns and pastel hair it just came to life.  Not my original vision, but I love the result.

I am also wearing some decor again.  These gemstone spheres are so pretty and I want to collect them all.  These ones I rezzed on the ground, put in a circle and then linked them together.  Picked up the linked piece and attached to Pelvis to create the wearable.  It does move around a little as I walk so I wondering if a different attachment point would be better, but for photos, it worked great.

Now, these boots.  Y'all know I am a massive fan of thigh highs, and these ones OMG, these ones are just sexy AF.  They go really nice with these gloves I have which I actually bought months ago as a part of 25L Tuesday.  The bodysuit I have pointed out a few times in Walk Around videos and is a favourite of mine but I have never actually blogged.  The print on it is right up my street, cats, pentacles, and moons.  

My eyes and horns are from Fantasy Faire and originally I had them black and just couldn't get it to work.  Once I figured the pastel hair looked nice I made them both pink too and don't they look great?  I had to change the gem on the necklace as well to match its just perfect.

♥ Astara

Clothes & Shoes

Bodysuit | Witchy Bodysuit by Beauty Of Darkness

Gloves | Bento Mid Arm Gloves - Black by On A Lark

Boots | Lamia Thigh High Boots by Moda @ Kinky Event
28th April - 19th May 2018

Accessories & Piercings

Horns | Vyria Horns - Pastel by Plastik @ Fantasy Faire
April 19th - May 6th 2018

Necklace | The Aren Jewelry by Plastik

Cosmetics & Tattoos

Eyeshadow & Lipstick | Included on Skin HUD

Anatomy & Hair

Hair | Margarita by Truth

Eyes | Demon Eyes V2 by Zombie SuicideFantasy Faire
April 19th - May 6th 2018

Ears | Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala

Head | Neve by LAQ

Body | Lara by Maitreya

Skin | Kiyomi - Ivory by Pink Fuel

Shape | Homemade Shape

Scene & Location

Orbs | Rose Quartz, Hematite & Clear Quartz Spheres by Candle and Cauldron

Poses | Tzuyu Bento Poses by NamiiChu

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