Just Me & My Moo | Saturday Sale, Fifty Linden Friday & Syndicate Sunday

May 05, 2018

To cut a long story short, this cute bundle of fluff reminds me of my cat Mr. Moo and I call "My Moo".  Hense the title of this post.  I have a bunch of sale items in here for the weekend, I love me a good bargain.  There are items from Fifty Linden Friday, The Saturday Sale, and the new sale event Syndicate Sunday.  Plus the new Truth Hair group gift, so let's jump into the post!

OMG, where to start?  All the sale items are listed in the credits below with dates and prices, so I don't really need to talk a whole lot about that here.  I do want to say though that the materials on the dress are spot on and I absolutely love it, and the candle is one of my new favs.  The boots were a welcome surprise this morning, you know I am a big AsteroidBox fan and I snapped these up!  The Truth Group Gift also dropped while I was sleeping and it was so worth the wait.

The cat is actually a wearable kitty, but when I wear him you can't see much of my dress so I rezzed him.  He is 18 Li which isn't too bad considering he is not supposed to be rezzed.  Doesn't he just sit on the candle perfectly though?  It is like they are meant to be together.  They are sat on a dresser table which I am loving right now, the texturing has so much detail and personality, I can't get over how well it's been textured.

I have a lot of makeup on in this one, but It suited the look.  Also a shameless self promotion with the bindi, haha.  I hope you don't mind :P  Its comes in a dark pack and a pastels pack for 69L during Syndicate Sunday.  Woo!

♥ Astara

Clothes & Shoes

Dress | Black Light Dress by Psycho Barbie for Syndicate Sunday
May 6th - May 8th 2018 item will be 69L

Boots | Freyja Boots by AsteroidBox for The Saturday Sale
May 5th 2018 item will be 75L

Accessories & Piercings

Rings | The Witching Hour Rings by Insurrektion

Cosmetics & Tattoos

Forehead | Pearl Bindi - Dark by Astara for Syndicate Sunday
May 6th - May 8th 2018 item will be 69L

Eyeshadow | Gracie Eyeshadows by Izzie's

Lipstick | Clarity Lipstick - Gothic Red by 7 Deadly Skins

Body Tattoo | Made In Hell by Psycho Barbie

Anatomy & Hair

Hair | Jacica by Truth
Group Gift April 2018 - 350L Join Fee

Eyes | Macabre Mesh Eyes by AzDesign

Ears | Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala

Head | Neve by LAQ

Body | Lara by Maitreya

Skin | Kiyomi - Ivory by Pink Fuel

Shape | Homemade Shape

Scene & Location

Poses | Moemoe by NamiiChu

Skybox | The Oubliette by Spellbound

Dresser | Black Console Table by Mind Vision Creation

Candle | Opal Moon Candle Holder - Metals by Candle and Cauldron for Syndicate Sunday
May 6th - May 8th 2018 item will be 69L

Kitty | Held Forest Cat by Jian for Fifty Linden Friday
May 4th 2018

Curtains | Fairy Curtains - White by Half-Deer
I recoloured these to make them black

Rug | Grimy Persian Rug by Petite Mort

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