For Sins I Can't Mention | XOXO & Shady Seasonal Hunt

February 09, 2020

I do bad things for the sake of good times

I don't, I don't regret
Call me what you will
Yeah, I'm in it for the thrill
I'm just, I'm just selfish
I need redemption

For sins I can't mention

Whats to say about this one?  I just felt in a sexy fantasy mood and decided to grab this gacha by Plastik.  It has a lot of other cute items in which I may blog another time, like adorable anklets and a full female tabard outfit.  I had to put my own spin on things though and it all got very dark very quickly.

This top by Mug is amazing and is V-Tech!  Woo!  Mug makes quite a few V-Tech items and I love it.  I was just looking at their Flickr actually as this is a Hunt Item and i needed the info for it and they have a really sexy harness set at FameshedX that I am going to go and grab.  The leg jewels are made to go over stockings, and although the Gacha does come with stockings I wanted to use these ones by Eudora because I love them so much.  They are so sexy and I have been wanting to wear them for a while, I just had nothing to do with them.

So yeah, Enjoy!
♥ Alex

The Look

Hair | Azren Hair by Raven Bell
- Unrigged

Top | Vida Tee by Mug for Shady Seasonal Hunt
- 20L hunt, runs 1st Feb - 15th Feb 2020
- Rigged for Maitreya, V-Tech, Sking Katena, Freya, Legacy F

Shoes & Stockings | Lilith Heels & Stockings by Eudora3D
- Rigged for Maitreya

Horns, Ears, Bindi, Panties, Leg Jewels | Variela Gacha by Plastik
- Rigged for Maitreya, Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Legacy F

Tongue | Akaname Tongue by Pirocious
- Unrigged Animesh Tongue

Collar | Leashed Collar by 187 Boutique
- Unrigged

Tail, Bracelets, Claws | Dragoness Gacha by Plastik
- Unrigged

Eyeshadow | Piper Eyeliners by Psycho Byts
- Appliers for Catwa, Lelutka, Omega & System Layers

Tattoo | Snarl by Dappa
-Appliers for Catwa, Lelutka, Omega, Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature, Slink

Eyes | Glossy Orb Eyes V1 by A.D.D Andel for XOXO
- Free in XOXO Hunt runs 
- Mesh & System Eyes

Head | Human Mesh Head EKASI-02 by 6DOO

Body | Legacy M by The Shops

Skin | Hayun Skin by More More
- Appliers for 6DOO

Shape | Homemade Shape

The Scene

Facial Poses | Axis HUD by Lelutka
- Creates custom face poses

Poses | Cute But Psycho by Foxcity
- 7 poses + mirrors

Pentagram | Ground Pentacle by Candle and Cauldron

Pillars | Aurora Pillars by Catacomb

Backdrop | salvation by Anxiety
- In "Goodbye Neon" 77L$ promo

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