New Recruit | Mainframe & TMD

January 31, 2020

Alright, all you have a new recruit today.  He's a bit soft and squishy, could use some hardening up, but he is a good listener and does as he is told so let's whip him into shape :P

No idea where I was going with this in all honesty.  Just kind of... happened?  Anyways these cool pants and boots are made to go together by L&B, I love them and they have lots of colours to choose from.  The pants come in denim and leather which is a nice touch.

The urge to wear this top in pink was rather high, but it really would not of suited anything else I had going on.  So black it is!  It has a sort of military-ish feel?  At least that is what I thought so just kinda ran with it.  Make a funky scene with some items from Mainframe.  The bike is actually ridable and emits these blue flame type thingies, there is also a silver and pink version!

And added some rattos for good measure.  Because we love rattos here.
♥ Alex

The Look

Hair | Ren Hair by Raven Bell
- Unrigged

Top | Jeff T-Shirt by Cubura 
- Rigged for Aesthetic Enzo, Jake, Legacy M, Gianni, V-Tech

Pants | Havoc Ops Tucked Jeans by L&B Swear for The Mens Dept
- Event runs until January 31st 2020
- Rigged for Jake, Geralt, Gianni, Slink

Boots | Havoc Ops Boots by L&B Swear for The Mens Dept
- Event runs until January 31st 2020
- Rigged for Jake, Geralt, Gianni, Slink

Scratches | Obsessed by The White Crow
- Omega Appliers and System Layers

Ears | Ilvanya Elf Ears by Logo
- Rigged and fit most heads

Eyes | Lucky by Gloom
- Appliers for Catwa, Genus, Lelutka & Mesh Eyes

Head | Human Mesh Head EKASI-02 by 6DOO

Body | Legacy M by The Shops

Skin | Hayun Skin by More More
- Appliers for 6DOO

Shape | Homemade Shape

The Scene

Facial Poses | Axis HUD by Lelutka
- Creates custom face poses

Capsule | Space Nook by 22769 for Mainframe
- Event runs January 20th - February 20th 2020

Rats | Rat Buddy by Hilted
- Animesh shoulder pet

Bike & Stuff | Hydron Hyperway Gacha by Hilted for Mainframe
- Event runs January 20th - February 20th 2020

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