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October 03, 2019

So I said this morning, "I need to blog today, but I netter not do pink".  Well... I'm sorry?  It ended up being pink.  In my defence its the boots fault.  Not only do I have these boots in 2 different fatpacks, but the holo pink it's just too good to say no too and so I went pink because of them.  The best part?  These boots are rigged for 12 bodies including male and female bodies!  Gotta love that.  Anyways, let's get on with this post, shall we?

I was messing around with what I wanted to wear and I put on these glasses by Deep Static and it gave off a professor vibe.  However, I didn't want to be the professor, more the student so instead of covering up these fabulous boots I just added a shirt and some panties.  As you can see from the chalkboard, this isn't no ordinary school.  This is The School for Extraordinary Bratty Butts... nah I don't know.  I just found this stuff very cute and very funny.  The desk is uhm... rather naughty shall we say?

So I guess I should talk about the fact that I have another new body... I have lost count how many I have at this point.  I caved however and bought the Legacy Male body.  Now hear me out.  I am not a fan of the company, the price is absurd, it's not Omega which is stupid and many other questionable things.  However, I feel somewhat forced to use it.  Since its release, more and more creators have been dropping Slink and seem to think that Jake and Gianni are upgrades to slink.  Which is ridiculous as those 3 bodies are for completely different looks.  To get this look I cannot use Jake or Gianni as they are sculpted to be muscular, which is fine if that is what you want.  I use Gianni on my more manly look and I love it.  But for this one?  No.  So Legacy was my only option as it is the only one I can make small and smooth enough.

I will report more on my findings with it as I use it more.  I have only had it a couple of hours, but I found a nice skin that has no 6 pack which really sealed the deal more for me.  Infact I can make this body smaller than Slink which is surprising.  We will see how it goes and I will let you guys know more of my thoughts next time.

♥ Alex

The Look

Hair | Umbriel Hair by Raven Bell
- Unrigged

Shirt | Aiden Shirt by Legal Insanity for Men Only Monthly
- Event runs 20th September - 15th October 2019
- Rigged for Legacy, Jake, Gianni, Geralt, Enzo

Undies | Johny Panties by Sparrow
- Rigged for Legacy, Jake, Gianni

Shoes | Shae Thigh High Boots - Holo by Riot
- Rigged for Legacy M & F, Adam, Jake, Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Slink M, Physique, Signature, Venus

Glasses | Reilly Glasses by Deep Static for Men Only Monthly
- Event runs 20th September - 15th October 2019
- Unrigged

Collar | Kawaii Collar by Vibing
- Unrigged

Eyeshadow | Holo Glitter Eyeshadows by Izzie's
- Appliers for Catwa, Lelutka, LAQ, Omega & System Layers

Eyes | Snare by Father for Necrosis
- Event runs 28th Sept - 12th October 2019
- Appliers for Omega

Ears | Expressive Bento Elf Ears by Logo
- Compatable with many heads

Head | Human Mesh Head EKASI-02 by 6DOO

Body | Meshbody M by Legacy

Head Skin | Hayun Skin - Honey by More More
- Unisex skin based on 6DOO heads

Body Skin | Male Toned Body by Flesh 

Shape | Homemade Shape

The Scene

Facial Poses | Axis HUD by Lelutka
- Creates custom face poses

Body Poses | Stairs - Sitting by Foxcity
- 7 Poses + Mirrors

Board & Stool | Shame School Set by Short Leash

Everything Else | Teacher's Pet Gacha by Short Leash

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