Robo Woofer | Cyber/Punk Fair

May 23, 2020

So... I felt like doing something sexy today and I had this really nice backdrop set out for a more kinky kind of post and uhm... this happened instead.  Now something important, this outfit is V-Tech compatible!  Yes!  The ad photo does not say V-tech on it but it is infact for V-Tech.  The poor owner of Plastik was very tired at the time and forgot to add the logo, but I can confirm that the Novianna Top at Cyber/Punk Fair does have a V-Tech size!

I think what got me changing style was this collar, it comes in some magical shiny bright colours and I dunno I just felt it would fit a cyber style more.  Especially when teamed up with this arm, since both are from Neverwish so go together perfectly.  I decided then I wanted to blog the boots of this outfit set from Plastik and then was so pleasantly surprised that the top was in fact rigged for V-Tech also!  There are also these glasses from Plastik too which help complete the set.  I also have this power button on my chest which is actually and RLV item and works just like a collar.  It is a great alternative for Robo avatars who wants to utilize RLV but not have the classic collar look.  I think its fab!

I also have this companion doggo Hilted who is just awesome.  He is an Animesh pet you attach to your avatar and he walks by your side.  I love him so much and he comes in an array of metal colours as well as a full colour picker for the neons so he is super easy to match to any outfit you are putting together.

So that's your lot, enjoy!
♥ Alex

The Look

Outfit | Novianna Fatpack by Plastik for Cyber/Punk Fair
- Event runs 10th May - 7th June 2020
- Rigged for Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya, Legacy F, V-Tech

Arm | Cyber Arms 001 by Neverwish for Cyber/Punk Fair
- Event runs 10th May - 7th June 2020
- Rigged for Hourglass, Maitreya

Collar | Caro Collar by Neverwish for Ota Con
- Event runs 1st May - 31st May 2020
- Unrigged

Glasses | Sinon Visor by Plastik for Cyber/Punk Fair
- Event runs 10th May - 7th June 2020
- Unrigged

Power Button | Cybernetic Implant Collar by Short Leash for Cyber/Punk Fair
- Event runs 10th May - 7th June 2020
- Unrigged

Doggo | Robo Woofer by Hilted for Cyber/Punk Fair
- Event runs 10th May - 7th June 2020
- Animesh Companion Pet

Eyes | Xion Collection by Gloom
- Appliers for Catwa, Genus, Lelutka + Mesh Eyes

Ears | Ilvanya Elf Ears by Logo
- Rigged and fit most heads

Head | Human Mesh Head EKASI-02 by 6DOO

Body | Lara by Maitreya

Chest | Boi Chest Mod for Maitreya by V-Tech
- Maitreya Body Required

Skin | Hayun Skin by More More
- Appliers for 6DOO

Shape | Homemade Shape

The Scene

Facial Poses | Axis HUD by Lelutka
- Creates custom face poses

Poses | Heaven by Foxcity

Backdrop | Blueshift by Paleto

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