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February 25, 2018

I just had to do a video on this absolutely stunning hair store called Stealthic.  Not only is the hair just beautifully textured, but it has some pretty nifty features included.  We are seeing Stylist HUDs used more and more in SL, and I love it, but these ones are very unique.  When you change the hairstyle, your avatar is animated pushing the hair back or pulling it forward.  The HUD also lets you "cycle" the styles, with your avatar doing the animations to change it.  It's pretty neat and in my video, I give a demo of how to use it!

I really just can't get enough of this hair and the ginger colors are to die for.  I have 3 of the hairs and I show you guys those as well, because why not!  We also go to the store and you can see what else is on offer as well as a look at the men's hair.  I do end up having some texture issues (when I do I not have texture issues, right?)  But it ends up being not a huge deal.

I also have the necklace I wanted by Zombie Suicide for Pocket Gacha.  It lovely and one of my favorite necklaces right now.  I can see me wearing this a lot as the Goddess Theme is right up my street.  It pairs well with the head jewels by Ama, which is a free gift at The Coven, which ends in a few days so if you want to grab this you need to be quick!  Also, a gift at The Coven is this tattoo by Aurica.  Must admit, I think I may be becoming an Aurica fangirl.

Did you check out the mice?  They are cute right.  These aren't available until March 1st at the Arcade and are made by Plastik.  There is wearable mice as well as these lovely decor ones which have a selection of coat colors to choose from.  I was originally going to go for the black version but the white made them stand out more.  The balloon one is my fav I think.

So I hope you guys liked this, I just had to share this find with you.  Also, it's all Ylva's fault.

♥ Astara

Clothes & Shoes

Dress | Shannon Tie Back Dress - Black by Get Frocked @ Garden Of Shadows
Feb 12th - Mar 2nd 2018

Gloves | Laced Gloves - Gift by Beauty Of DarknessGarden Of Shadows
Feb 12th - Mar 2nd 2018 - 1L Gift

Stockings | Seductive Stockings by Psycho Barbie @ Applique
Feb 15th - Feb 27th 2018

Shoes | Lolita - Gacha Rare by Enchante @ Pocket Gacha
Feb 15th - Mar 10th 2018

Accessories & Piercings

Head Jewel | Pentacle Head Chain - Free Gift by Ama @ The Coven
Feb 3rd - Feb 26th 2018

Necklace | Moon Necklace - Gacha Rare by Zombie SuicidePocket Gacha
Feb 15th - Mar 10th 2018

Cosmetics & Tattoos

Eyeshadow | Urbanesque Shadow - Grey by Venge

Lashes | LAQ Lashes Appliers by Izzie's

Lipstick | Included on LAQ HUD

Tattoo | Dalla Tattoo - Free Gift by AuricaThe Coven
Feb 3rd - Feb 26th 2018

Nails | Included on Maitreya HUD

Anatomy & Hair

Hair In Pics | Fatal - Reds by Stealthic

Other Hairs In Video | Jealousy & Ascension - Reds by Stealthic

Eyes | Starlet Mesh Eyes by AzDesign

Ears | Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala

Head | Neve by LAQ

Body | Lara by Maitreya

Skin | Tyna - Cotton Candy by 7 Deadly Skins

Shape | Homemade Shape

Scene & Location

Photobox | Homemade

AO | Bento Sexy Professor by Voir

Poses | Nope, Lush & Glory by Reve Obscura

Wall Roses |  Roses Heart Shape - Black by Puke Rainbows @ Enchantment
Feb 10th - Feb 28th 2018

Mice | Sweet Meese Gacha by Plastik @ The Arcade
Mar 1st - Mar 31st 2018

Pictures | Love Eternal Oval Frames by Oubliette

Tapestry | Moon Goddess Wall Hanging by Oubliette

Hanging Lights | Twinkle Stringlights by Half Deer

Couch & Cushions | Anyx Eveline Sette & Velvet Pillows by Oubliette

Floor Pillow | Boho Floor Pillow Set by Oubliette & Petite Mort
Group Gift, Currently Free To Join.

Table | Dk Walnut Ouija Altar Table by Oubliette

Rugs | Macabre Rug Collection by Oubliette

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