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Oh what a beautiful Monday, oh what a beautiful day!!!  Oh, wait, no I lied, sorry.  It's miserable here in Northern Scotland, and my head hurts, and the wind is blowing rain in through my kitchen extractor fan.  So that's nice.  Anyways, I had started this post yesterday and just could not for the life of me make pictures I was happy with.  I am back at it today, reshot this multiple times, and I think I am happy?  Well, I must be, or I wouldn't be posting this, haha.

Today I have gone with something a little darker.  When I originally put together this outfit yesterday I was feeling rather down and so I think that ended up reflecting in my style choices.  I actually had put on my skin, hair, and makeup first, and then figured out an outfit which is not something I would normally do.  I picked this awesome dress by Justice that releases in a few days and has multiple "shred" options.  By that, they mean the tears and rips on the dress.  There is an option for no rips, option for lots of rips which is what I am wearing, and 4 varying degrees of rips in between.  So you can have it ripped just a tiny bit if you want.  When I saw these boots by 1313 Mockingbird Lane I knew they would be a perfect match for this dress, they come in some lovely natural colours and some blues which are really nice.  You guys know I am a fan of blue so I was happy to see that.  I then just put on this necklace to kind of finish it off, and voila. 

The look was not quite perfect though, and so I knew I needed some kick-ass tats to complete it.  Now it is no secret that I am a Dappa Fangirl, and it took me some time to decide which was perfect.  I have a lot of Dappa tattoos, they are my favourite tattoo place so I ended up going through a lot until I stopped on this one and it was perfect.  It is actually a tattoo I got for my male avi, but Dappa always includes male and female appliers so I can always use them for whatever I feel like.  They also include Omega appliers, so if you are a furry, or anime avi, or just whatever that uses a standard human form and is Omega compatible then you can use their tattoos.

The scene took me a bit, and I spent ages playing with lighting and that is what has made me have to retake these photos so many times today.  I just could not get the effects that I wanted.  I used a lot of prim lights here, as well as projectors and my Circle Window Light projectors to make the final effect along with a simple night time windlight.  It came out almost as I visioned in my head, it is not quite perfect but I did my best, and that is all anyone can ever do.

♥ Alex

The Look

Hair | Camila by Limerence

Dress | Faye by Justice for Tres Chic
January 17th - January 10th 2019

Boots | Stacy Boots by 1313 Mockingbird Lane for Season Story
January 10th - January 31st 2019

Septum | Aloha by Astara

Necklace | Trinity Necklace by Swallow

Eyeliner | Included with Skin

Lashes | Blink by Go&See

Lipstick | Powder Pack Genus by L-Etre for Powder Pack
Genus December 2018 Pack

Tattoo | Keegan by Dappa

Head | Classic Bento Head by Genus Project

Skin & Eyes | Tara - Pale by Go&See
L$99 Group Promo - L$150 Join Fee

Body | Lara by Maitreya

Shape | Homemade Shape

The Scene

Poses | Showcase by Image Essentials

Skybox | Center Of The Universe Skybox by Vespertine

Wall Candles | Pell Candles by Plastik for Boardwalk
January 15th - February 15th 2019

Floor Light | Round Window Projectors by Astara

Everything Else | Fortune Teller's Set by Cheeky Pea

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