1, 2, Gothic Garage Sale Is Coming For You

Ok, that title didn't quite fit into the rhythm of the song, but meh.  When I saw this dress, I had the same thought as I do anytime I see a red and black stripped item of clothing, Freedy Krueger!  I got this dress from Gothic Garage Sale which is a sales event full of more dark/alternative stores, as well as some fantasy stores.  It happens twice a year, and see's sales of up to 75% off from a bunch of creators.  You will also find a L$5 hunt at the event grounds which is always full of awesome items.

I had to bring out my blade rings from PFC for this look to act as Freddy's glove.  Teamed it up with some gory wounds from Izzie's, and brung out an old hat hair of mine from Mello.  I was Fredericka Krueger in no time.  To finish it off I was going to originally have some fishnets some ankle-high boots, but it just didn't sit right with me.  I spent a bit of time messing with that part and eventually put on these socks and fishnet combo by Sn@tch which I have actually blogged a lot in the past, and teamed them with these boots by Moda.  The look was pretty much done, and when I went to take photos I added some extra blood with these footprints and yeah.  It just kinda worked out.

It is rather cold here today in Scotland, and my fingernails are going a little blue.  We finally have some hints of snow as the ground has gotten a little frosty and I am super excited! I really love snow, and we just do not get much of it anymore in the last 10 years.  I have 2 step kids, so I am looking forward to be able to go outside and build some snowmen if there is enough snow.  It is weird here that we get our snow in spring.  We haven't had a white Christmas in so long but we almost always get a white Easter which is very odd to people not from here.

So that's a wrap for today, I hope you guys go and check out Gothic Garage Sale because it is one of my favourite events.  I love a good sale, I know I say this all the time, but a lot of my favourite stores are usually in this event so I often spend quite a bit of money at this one.  So please, go check it out, I am sure you will find something you will like!

♥ Alex

The Look

Hair | Ritualist by Mello

Dress | Indila Dress by Zoom for Gothic Garage Sale
January 18th - February 3rd 2019

Tights | Dope Socks and Fishnets by Sn@tch

Boots | Sadey Boots by Moda

Blades | Torturer by PFC

Eyeliner | Included with Head

Lashes | Blink by Go&See

Lipstick | Dazzle Me - Haunted by Pink Fuel

Blood & Cuts | Claw Wounds by Izzie's

Head | Classic Bento Head by Genus Project

Skin | Candy - Pale by Go&See for Powder Pack
Genus December 2018 Pack

Eyes | Angel Eyes by Izzie's

Body | Lara by Maitreya

Shape | Homemade Shape

The Scene

Poses | Stairs - Standing by Foxcity

Bloody Footprints | Bloody Footprint Walker by Albion Scriptworks + Loco

Location | Gothic Garage Sale at Dark Passions Events

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