We Are Stardust

September 12, 2020

I am very unwell and my right eye stopped working again... yay, but I did manage to get this done.  It's taken way longer than I would have liked but finally, I think I am happy with these pictures!  This outfit is sexy and comfy all at the same time and I love it.  Plus I added these animated sparkles because glitter needs to be everywhere oki?  Oki!

I get sick a lot because of my Chronic illness and sometimes parts of my brain just stop working and things go crazy for a bit.  Like my eye, it tends to just give up on life.  There was this one time where I was partially deaf for 3 weeks and everyone had to shout at me because I could not hear properly.  That was not fun at all!

Anyways I put this outfit together on a whim when I was feeling a bit better but it was just the top, bottoms and boots.  I wasn't quite sure in what direction I wanted to go but as I started to get sick I just wanted to throw on something comfy and squishy and here we are basically.

So enjoy!
♥ Alex

The Look

Coat | Boajacket by Gabriel
- Rigged for Jake, Geralt, Gianni, Legacy M

Top | Hercul Leather Top by TwoSided
- Rigged for Jake, Legacy M, Gianni, Slink M, V-Tech

Bottoms | Jockd August 2020 - Lux Thong by Thirst
- Rigged for Jake and Legacy M

Stockings | Elizabeth Stockings by Sweet Thing
- Omega Appliers & System Layers (BOM)

Boots | Astraea Boots by AsteroidBox
- Rigged for Belleza, Legacy F, Maitreya, Slink F, Unrigged

Body Glitter | Glitter Bomb Male by Musu
- Rigged for Avatar 2.0, Jake, Gianni, Slink M, V-Tech

Hair | Azren by Raven Bell
- Unrigged

Bunny Ears | Cotton Usagi by Aii
- Bento Rigged

Human Ears | Mesh Ears - Pride by Andore
- Unrigged

Bunny Tail | Nara Tail by Sweet Thing
- Bento Rigged

Eyes | Lucky by Gloom
- Appliers for Catwa, Genus, Lelutka & Mesh Eyes

Skin | Hayum Skin by More More
- Appliers for 6DOO

Head | EKASI-02 by 6DOO

Body | Meshbody M by Legacy

Shape | Homemade Shape

The Scene

Facial Poses | Axis HUD by Lelutka
- Works on most Bento Heads

Body Poses | Tomorrow by Foxcity

Chair | Garnet Wingback by Fancy Decor

Backdrop | Stardust Backdrop by Foxcity

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