Winter's Hollow 5L Hunt | Item Showcase

December 11, 2017

Winter's Hollow has a 5L hunt, and so here is a video showcasing all the items that were out when I went to do the hunt.  There is a good chance there are a few more items now, so feel free to let me know if you find anything else!  

You are looking for Purple Snowflakes and each costs 5L.  They are all named with the stores so if you only want certain items hit edit on them and see who the store is.  There will also be more gifts on December 21st as we celebrate the Winter Solstice with gifts under the Solstice tree.  If I remember and have time I will do a video on that too.

Clothes & Shoes

Top | Bitch Craft Tee by Oubliette @ Winter's Hollow
(5L Hunt Item)

Shorts | Shaki Short - Dark Blue by Addams

Stockings | Wicked Lace Socks - Black by Beauty of Darkness @ Garden Of Shadows

Boots | Bam Stomper Boots by Sn@tch

Accessories & Piercings

Headchain | Jewel Headchain by The Little BatWinter's Hollow
(5L Hunt Item)

Necklace | Celestial Necklace by Venge

Cuffs | Goth Cuffs by The Little Bat

Cosmetics & Tattoos

Eyeshadow | Black Liner from LAQ HUD

Lashes | Lashes from LAQ HUD

Lipstick | Chant Gloss Lipsticks by 7 Deadly Skins @ Winter Trend

Nails | Ice Witch by Dark PassionsWinter's Hollow
(5L Hunt Item)

Anatomy & Hair

Hair | Margarita by Truth

Eyes | Frost Eyes by Inevitable Madness @ 68 Main
(Free Group Gift)

Ears | Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala

Head | Scarlet by LAQ

Body | Lara by Maitreya

Shape | Homemade Shape

Skin | Chant Freckled - Dew by 7 Deadly Skins @ Winter Trend

Scene & Location

Skybox | Homemade Skybox & Lights

Poses | Hani & Emily by PingPong

AO | Cool Girl AO by Voir

Fireplace | Winter Isle Set by Cheeky Pea

Curtain | Celebutante Set by Cheeky Pea

Picture | Wolf Moon Frame by Candle and CauldronWinter's Hollow

Candle | Magic Christmas Pilar Candle by LividWinter's Hollow
(5L Hunt Item)

Candelabra | Cathedral Candelabra - Wrought Iron by SpyralleWinter's Hollow

Stockings | Velvet Stockings by Candle and Cauldron @ Winter's Hollow
(5L Hunt Item)

Cushion | Oyasumi Hollow Cushion by OLQINUWinter's Hollow
(5L Hunt Item)

Doll Cage | Captured Forever Lost Heart by Beyond The DarkWinter's Hollow
(5L Hunt Item)

Rugs | Oyasumi Hollow Gacha by OLQINUWinter's Hollow

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