Builder's Box | After Hours Feb 2019

Finally!  Finally I am here to unbox my Builder's Box that has been taunting me for daaaaays.  It has sat in my inventory, just mocking me while I stare at it in its unopened glory, trying to muster some words to describe its torment.  Alas, my voice had gone and I could not record.  However here we are, sounding a little croaky, but finally unboxing this beauty.

Normally in these unboxing videos I do a lot of "omg it's cute" and it makes for a great drinking game if you want to get hammered.  However, this time there was a lot of "Oh that's so cool" which is rather unusual for me.  The box had a lot of unique items, and a few I became very inspired by.  The Anxiety skybox is what I used for my photos along with the 220ML drink set.  It makes for a cute little club scene and I really love this skybox.  The bottles from the 220ML set also recoloured nicely, just need to do a bit of camera magic to get to the right faces to tint.

My outfit is a pretty simple one using items from the XOXO hunt and Syndicate Sunday.  So lots of freebies and cheapies make this up.  A particular favourite of mine from the XOXO hunt are these heart particle thingies.  I love stuff like this and these are insanely cute and not too in your face.  You get a good view of them during the video as I unbox the Builder's Box items.

So I hope you enjoy this video.  I am writing this out while I wait for it to upload at a stupidly slow speed that is driving me insane.  I want it to hurry up so I can go back to dying and feeling sorry for myself :P

♥ Alex

The Look

Hair | Kaijah by Truth
Group Gift - L$350 Join Fee

Dress | Elifa Dress by TRS for Syndicate Sunday
L$69 Sale runs Feb 3rd - Feb 10th 2019

Shoes | Mariposa Platforms by Moda

Earrings | Hearts Earrings by Oxide for XOXO
Win for Free, or purchase for L$50 runs Feb 7th - Feb 17th 2019

Piercings | Little Heart Piercings by Astara for XOXO
Win for Free, or purchase for L$50 runs Feb 7th - Feb 17th 2019

Rings | Precious Nails & Rings by RealEvil Industries

Particles | Enchanted Heart Photo Effects by Deadly Nightshade for XOXO
Win for Free, or purchase for L$50 runs Feb 7th - Feb 17th 2019

Eyeliner & Lashes | Included with Head

Lipstick | Lipstick Jelly by Sintiklia

Nails | Valen - Kawaii by Dark Passions for XOXO
Win for Free, or purchase for L$50 runs Feb 7th - Feb 17th 2019

Eyes | Erin Eyes by The Little Bat for The Chapter Four
February 4th - February 31st 2019

Head | Classic Bento Head by Genus Project

Body | Lara by Maitreya

Skin | Sonia by Boataom

Shape | Homemade Shape

The Scene

Poses | Take A Seat V2 by Image Essentials

AO in Video | Kawaii Bento AO by Requeeca

Skybox | Too Time Club by Anxiety for Builder's Box
Feb 2019 - After Hours Box

Wine | Gouveia Wine by 220ML

Penis Drinks | CokCocktail by 220ML

Everything Else | Starbuster Shot by 220ML for Builder's Box
Feb 2019 - After Hours Box

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