Pay Attention To Me! | Trick Or Treat & Builder's Box

So I am kind of having a holiday from SL this week.  I am going to play the hell out of Horizon Zero Dawn finally!  I figured this post would be kind of fitting, as it shows Sammy and I just chilling, relaxing, and inevitably being bonked over the head for playing too much PS4.  I have been needing a break from SL work stuff for a while.  So I have been looking forward to this, and I got the game over a month ago now and not had the chance to play it.  I played for a few hours yesterday and had a bunch of fun.

The outfits and scene for this were thought of because of the Halloween PJ Pants.  These are adorable and I have actually worn them quite a few times up to now.  There is female version as well, but we really wanted to show off the men's ones because it is so hard to find cute stuff for men that isn't too fabulous.  We teamed it up with these hoodies from Gabriel, which also come in a female version, and I put on some women's slippers with mine, while Sammy opted for some comfy sneakers.

The scene was all worked around the Reve Obscura pose because we thought this would be funny and cute.  And of course, totally fitting.  I can just hear the whining now from Sammy, haha.  I have really needed this break though as I have been working in SL a lot and have been really burnt out.  I have been dying to play this game and the few hours I got to play yesterday were so much fun.  So as soon as I am done this I am off again!

I hope you guys like this!

♥ Alex ♥

Hoodie | Furr Hoodie Set by Gabriel

Pants | Spooky Jammie Pants by QE Design for SLS Trick or Treat
L$50 per play - 21st October to 10th November

Slippers | Wild Things by Reign
Gacha Common

Makeup & Facial Hair | Included with head HUD

Tattoo | Fvneral by Dappa

Hair & Hair Base | Barry by Burley

Eyes | Starlet by AzDesign

Head | Gerard by Vista

Ears | Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala

Body | Gianni by Signature

Shape | Homemade shape

♥ Sammy ♥

Hoodie | Furr Hoodie Set by Gabriel

Pants | Spooky Jammie Pants by QE Design for SLS Trick or Treat
L$50 per play - 21st October to 10th November

Shoes | Valkyrie Sneakers By Cold Ash

Tattoo | Vixen by Dappa 

Hair | Nicholas by Volthair

Eyes | Aisling by Suicidal Unborn

Head | Gerard by Vista

Body | Geralt by Signature

Skin | Bennett By Birth

Shape | Homemade shape

♥ Scene ♥

Pose 1 | Included in Couch

Pose 2 | Sky In Your Eyes by K&S

Pose 3 | Ignored by Reve Obscura

Couch | Halloween Daybed by Consignment for Builder's Box
Black Magic Box - October 2018

Shelves | Rustic Tree Shelf by Circa for Syndicate Sunday
L$69 - 4th November to 11th November 2018

Seat | Sitting Chest by Circa for Syndicate Sunday
L$69 - 4th November to 11th November 2018

Sign | Kinky Praises & Phrases by Short Leash
Gacha Rare

Sparkles | Floor Glowies by Dysfunctionality
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