Embrace The Purple | Fantasy Faire 2018

This skin is just fabulous, right?  I know last time I did a post like this is was purple as well, but I love purple and this colour of the skin is just yum yum yummy!  So I had to show it to you guys.  Fantasy Faire is well underway and quite a few of the items I have on here are from there.  It ends on April 29th so you are going to want to get your butts down their and check it out.

I will admit I had some troubling styling the skin this time.  I think its mostly because I am sick and very irritated right now so I was over thinking it.  The outfit I put with it I have actually had for a long time and got as part of 25L Tuesday.  It is super cute and I have almost blogged it a few times actually.  These shoes are cute right?  Mine are all black which admittedly doesn't show off how stunning they are quite as much as when they are pastel, but pastels didn't work for this look.  I will for sure be showing you these again in colour so you can see how adorable they can be, but for today you just have to look at how sexy they can be instead.

 I want to take a moment to talk about the scene here.  Whole Wheat is one of my favourite places to take photos, they put together beautiful scenes and I love the place.  They have just moved and this is one their new scenes.  As well as that I added a few things which are actually decor items but I am wearing them!  The little purple glowies you see around me are actually fireflies by Candle and Cauldron.  These are not particles they are actual little mesh fireflies that can you can rez in your gardens and homes.  Because they are mesh and not a particle they are resizeable and so I thought to wear them and size them down a bit and OMG they work fabulously!  If you like to add some sparkle to your avatar recommended these alot, just wear them on your pelvis or somewhere on your core and resize.  The pack also comes with a white version which is tintable, a ranbow version and a few other colours.

I added this cute mermaid inspired head chain and necklace to the look as well, they are also available at Fantasy Faire and have some lovely swatches.  So I think that is about it.  I had some fun with this and have been really enjoying going outside of the box, I hope you guys have been enjoying it as well.

♥ Astara

Clothes & Shoes

Outfit | Britney - Black by On A Lark

Shoes | Rosaline Heels by Moda

Accessories & Piercings

Horns | Cepheus Horns by Plastik & Trap @ Fantasy Faire
April 19th - 29th 2018

Head Chain & Necklace | Kur Necklace & Kur Headchain by The Little BatFantasy Faire
April 19th - 29th 2018

Rings | Llaria by Elise

Sparkles | Fireflies by Candle and Cauldron
These are a decor item but I attached it to myself as a wearable

Orb & Pyramid | Clear Quartz Sphere & Labradorite Pyramid by Candle and Cauldron

Cosmetics & Tattoos

Eyeshadow | Included on LAQ HUD

Nails | Included on Maitreya HUD

Anatomy & Hair

Hair | Montana by Truth

Eyes | Demon Eyes included with skin

Head | Neve by LAQ

Body | Lara by Maitreya

Skin | Vyrian Skin - Aedre by PlastikFantasy Faire
April 19th - 29th 2018

Shape | Homemade Shape

Scene & Location

Location | Whole Wheat
Floor One

Poses | Charmed, I'm Sure by Nantra

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