May 22, 2018
Looking to advertise your business or services on my blog?  Well you have come to the right page

Advertising on my blog is pretty simple.  I charge 500 lindens per 30 day period for advertising space, and getting this set up is quick.  Send the linden to me Astara Lovecraft (astarabonnibelle) in Second Life, and then send me an e-mail to with the following information:

  1. Transaction info for your payment
  2. An image to be displayed (keep it PG please).  Can be a logo, an information poster, a product, whatever you like that will display to the world what you are advertising.
  3. A URL or SLurl to be added to your picture.  This way when a reader clicks your picture they can be either directed to your inworld location or a website like Marketplace for example.
  4. Your inworld name, just in case I need to contact you inworld, and/or direct people to you as they may ask me questions after seeing your ad and I may not know the answers.
  5. Make sure the e-mail address you use is a valid one, that I can reply to and that you do check every so often.

Once this is complete I can get your Advertisement up ASAP.  Once it is live I will e-mail you back with the start and end date of your campaign.  The start date will be when the ad goes live, not when you initially pay me.  That way if it takes a couple of days before it's up you do not lose out.

Stats for my blog can be requested at any time via e-mail or Facebook.  I understand that you would not want to advertise on a blog with 10 views a month.  So I am happy to share stats with you if you request it.

I hope that has answered all your questions, if not feel free to e-mail me, or contact me through Facebook for quick answers as it is usually always open.

Thank you for considering advertising on my site.

♥ Astara

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